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3KW Self-adjusting Welding Turning Rolls Wireless Remote Control

3KW Self-adjusting Welding Turning Rolls Wireless Remote Control

  • High Light

    Vessel Turning Rolls


    automatic welding machines

  • Specification
    As Per Required
  • Application
    Wind Tower Tank Vessel Fabrication
  • Usage
    Pipe Growing Production
  • Function
    Manipulate And Adjust Pipe Position
  • Structure
    Group Station
  • Advantage
    Rail Free
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    pls confirm with us
  • Packaging Details
    Mainframe naked, spare parts packed in case
  • Delivery Time
    30working days
  • Payment Terms
    30% TT in advance, 70% TT before the shipment
  • Supply Ability
    20 sets per month

3KW Self-adjusting Welding Turning Rolls Wireless Remote Control

3KW Self-adjusting Welding Turning Rolls Wireless Remote Control



Brief Introduction:

  • 1+1 two pipes fit up rotator is used for pipe growing line.
  • Hydrauli fit up rotator & adjustable welding rotator equipped on one integrate steel rack. Foundation work like rail layout is not required.



Detail Description of Pipes Fit Up Rotator:

  • This fit up rotator is mainly used for cylindrical(or low angle taper)work piece fit up welding.
  • By proper operation, it could regulate the can displacement on vertical,horizontal or even inclined direction,so as to make the cans fit up.
  • The fit in cans are conveyed backward by movable rotator.
  • Another can will be placed in front of the fit in can.And then repeat fit up work.
  • Meanwhile welding the inner & outer circumferential seam.
  • Repeat above procedure to complete the whole cans fit up.
  • It is the optimal equipment to increase production efficiency,insure production quality & decrease labor working intensity.  
  • This equipment is composed of two sets of hydraulic liftable rotator,hydraulic pump station & control system.
  • Two rotators regulate the roller rack center distance independently by bidirectional hydraulic cylinder.
  • Thereby it can make the work piece moving on vertical,axial & radial direction,in convenient of work piece fit up.
  • The roller of the equipment is enclosed with high quality PU wheel,no falling of,long using span. Remote control box is equipped.




Pipes Fit Up Rotator Feature:

  • Pipe fit up rotator is composed of two pieces of distance adjustable rotators, electric system and hydraulic pump.
  • There are two sets of roller mechanism installed on rotator base.
  • Each roller mechanism has a PU roller.Roller distance could be regulated by hydraulic cylinder, so as to adjust the vessel position in three dimensional to fit up the vessel effectively & quickly.  
  • Rotator base is made of welded plate,with feature of high strength to make sure no deformation in long period using span.
  • Rotator base & boring is integrated process,so as to guarantee the roller rotating precision.  
  • Roller is made of imported PU material,enlarged contact surface,enhanced using life.
  • Roller steel core processed by unique working craft,the coated PU will keep away from peeling off issue.It is guaranteed for 2 years.
  • Once it peeling off without human factor,Ronniewell will replace it for free.
  • Completed structure is processed by temper destressing.
  • It will be pre-treatment before painting, one layer of zinc rich primer,two layer of polyurethane finish.
  • Nameplate indicated loading capacity will be placed on notable position of the machine body.
  • Electric system is composed of electric cabinet & remote control box.
  • Electric control box is used to affect working craft required mechanically act by the controlling of motor make-brake,and also control & protect the roller motor.
  • Main low voltage electric elements is using brand famous product.  




Main Technical Parameters:










Loading capacity




Roller material


Imported PU


Control mode


Wireless remote control




As per user required





  • Pressure vessels;
  • Pipe manufacturing industries;
  • Wind power fabrication;
  • Chemical & fuel storage tank fabrication;
  • Any heavy cylindrical job;




Application photo:

3KW Self-adjusting Welding Turning Rolls Wireless Remote Control 0




Delivery photo:

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