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Monopipe welding platform / offshore wind tower welding platform /  Monopile welding platform with tandem twin arc

Monopipe welding platform / offshore wind tower welding platform / Monopile welding platform with tandem twin arc

  • Color
  • Suitable Dia
    Upto 12m
  • Welding Power
  • Travel
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE / ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
    10000-100000 USD/set
  • Packaging Details
    Naked load into container and fixed with container by steel wire.
  • Delivery Time
    5-8 weeks
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    50 sets/year

Monopipe welding platform / offshore wind tower welding platform / Monopile welding platform with tandem twin arc


Monopipe welding platform / offshore wind tower welding platform / Monopile welding platform with tandem twin arc



This machine is carefully designed by our factory. The working platform can be adjusted up and down to meet different welding height requirements. The working platform adopts synchronous driving on both sides to lift and lower. It can be stopped at any height within the stroke range. Welding operators can use the working platform to grow. Time welding work. It can guarantee the quality of welding, reduce the burden on operators and improve the safety of operators.

Ⅱ.Main technical parameter:

(Input power:415V/3P/50Hz)

Structure type: motorized travel and lifting;

Rated loading capacity: 4000kg;

Platform lifting speed: 1800mm/min;

Platform lifting stroke: 3250mm;

Platform bottom height range: 3350-6600m;

Platform travel speed: 700-7000mm/min;

Travel rail inner span: 6300mm (38Kg/m)

Travel motor power: 3Kw*2PCs

Lifting motor power: 4Kw*2Pcs


(The Max. pipe dia. can be upto 12m)


. Structure and principle:

This equipment mainly consists of gantry frame, working platform, frame travel unit, lifting unit and electric control system.

  • The gantry frame, travel beam and platform all welded structure parts, all the welding seam are welded accord the welding seam intension requirement, and stress release after hot treatment, which can prevent distortion.
  • The gantry frame travel mechanism consists of two gear reducers plus two 3kW motors and gear pairs. It is driven by the helical gear reducer and the gear pair to drive the gantry on the track. It runs smoothly and is easy to operate. The two ends of the walking mechanism are respectively equipped with rubber mechanical strikers. The two ends of the walking beam are also equipped with photoelectric detecting switches. During the forward or backward process of the gantry welding, the photoelectric switch can detect people and other obstacles within 1500 mm of the front end of the walking beam. Ensure the safety of the operator and the stability of the gantry welding during walking.
  • The lifting mechanism of the workbench adopts bilateral symmetrical driving mode, and the lifting and lowering of the working table is completed by two sets of lifting mechanisms. The mechanism mainly drives the worm gear reducer by the motor reducer, and the forward and reverse rotation of the sprocket causes the working platform to move up and down under the traction of the chain. In the operation process, in order to ensure the safety of operation, double protection (brake motor + worm gear pair self-locking performance) is adopted in the lifting chain mechanism. When the table is lifted and lowered, it is guided by the surface rail of the column. The other end of the chain has a counterweight to reduce the power of the lifting gearbox. In order to ensure safe production, the lifting mechanism is also provided with a fall arresting device, which is composed of two parts, a pawl and a ratchet. When the two chains for lifting and lowering suddenly break due to special reasons, the jacking spring in the pawl seat puts the pawl Pushing forward, the pawl slides down the anti-fall block for a small distance and then securely locks the cross arm to the column, which ensures the personal safety of the operator.
  • There are two hand-pushing trolleys on the right side of the working platform. Two 500KG welding drums are placed on each trolley. The left side of the working platform is placed with two flux conveying and recycling machines to facilitate the transportation and recovery of flux during welding. Welding beam and welding observation platform, the welding beam passes through the guide seat through the upper and lower linear guides and the guide rail to realize the two guide seats to move left and right, the power is provided by the ordinary motor, through the gear reducer reducer, and then through the gear shaft The rack and pinion fixed on the side of the cross arm form the left and right movement of the rack and pinion drive guide seat, which can meet the free adjustment of the two welds within 1500-3500mm, and install a set of three-dimensional cross fine adjustment on each guide plate before the cross fine adjustment A set of Lincoln double wire welding torch and equipped with a welding gun heightening device to facilitate the welding of the welding gun to the weld. In the welding process, the relative position of the welding torch and the weld seam can be conveniently adjusted to achieve the best welding effect.
  • In order to improve the safety and stability of the work platform, there are safety guardrails around the platform.
  • There is an escalator on the side of the rack, and a safety guardrail is attached. It can be safely and conveniently accessed through the escalator when it is working.
  • For the sake of convenience, a set of lifting hoist with a maximum load of 1T is installed on the top of the gantry welding to use the 500KG wire drum on the upper and lower platforms.
  • The electrical control system consists of two parts: an electric control box and a manual control box.
  • The electric control box panel is provided with buttons such as a power indicator light and an emergency stop. The manual control box is provided with: workbench lifting, rack movement, emergency stop button, and the like.
  • The gantry has two stations, which are operated by two remote control boxes (the main remote control box and the remote control box). The main remote control box is provided with: platform lifting, platform lifting unilateral adjustment, gantry forward and backward and speed adjustment, dragging The board moves to the left and right, the recycling machine recovers and transports, and the function keys of the three-dimensional cross slide are up and down, left and right, front and rear, welding and welding. It is provided from the remote control box: the carriage moves left and right, the recycling machine recovers and transports, the three-dimensional cross slides up and down, left and right, front and rear, welding and welding and other function keys.
  • The gantry can realize two stations working at the same time, or can work separately. The selection switch is set on the main remote control box, which can be selected according to the work needs.