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Offshore Foundation Monopile 1200t Welding Turning Roll

Offshore Foundation Monopile 1200t Welding Turning Roll

  • High Light

    1200t welding turning roll


    monopile welding turning roll


    offshore welding turning roll

  • Equipment
    1200t Welding Turning Roll
  • Using
    Offshore Foundation Monopile Production
  • Composed
    1power & 3idler
  • Structure
    Motorized Mobile On The Rail
  • Load Capacity
  • MP Dia. Range
  • Wheel Material
    Forged Steel
  • Idler
    With Hydraulic Lift Cylinder
  • Place of Origin
    Wuxi, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE, ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
    To be confirmed with us
  • Packaging Details
    Mainframe naked, spare parts packed in case
  • Delivery Time
    30 working days after down payment
  • Payment Terms
    30% TT in advance, 70% TT before the shipment
  • Supply Ability
    20 sets per month

Offshore Foundation Monopile 1200t Welding Turning Roll

Offshore Foundation Monopile 1200t Welding Turning Roll 1Power 3Idler Rotator Steel Wheel




Brief introduction:


Welding turning roll 1power 3 idler total capacity 1200t. Using for offshore foundation monopile production; 

With motorized bogie mobile on the rail. Idler with hydraulic lift cylinder. 




1200t welding turning roll description:


  • The 1200t welding turning roll absorbs advanced technology at home and abroad.
  • According to the operation requirements of several offshore foundation monopile plants.
  • Design & manufacutre by Ronniewell.
  • Production according with mechanical standard JB/T 9187-1999.
  • For special purpose adopted to weld metal cylinder especially offshore monopile.




Feature of 1200t welding turning roll:


  • Forged steel roller suitable for heavy duty job.
  • The 1200t welding turning roll is mainly using for offshore wind tower/offshore foundation monopile welding production automation.
  • It also can use together with other tooling for the cone inequality diameter rotary.
  • Double-motor driven, the roller driver adopt cycloidal planetary gear reducer.
  • It can joint control with other equipments.
  • 1200t welding turning roll adjust the center distance by reserved screw holes in order to adapt to diameter of work piece.




Production line 1200t offshore foundation monopile production line
Composed 1drive unit + 3idler unit (hydraulic lift)
Idler unit model  
Max. Loading capacity 1200Ton (1power & 3idler)
Workpiece dia. range ø3,000~ø10,000mm.
Roller type

Forged Steel roller.

Roller center moving distance and adjustment method

1.The idler roller seat is fixed by bolts.

2.Adjust the center distance of the roller with bolt holes.

3.Roller seat moving distance is 150mm.

Rotator walking method

1. One unit of rotator is electric walking and the other one is unpowered walking.

2. When the roller bed is walking, the maximum load is 1000 tons.

3. A group of rotator can move on the track at full load.

4. Electric walking speed is 230mm ~2300 mm/min

Rail specification JRS·JIS 73 Kg
Group pair lifting drive Hydraulic.
Hydraulic station

1.Independent hydraulic station for each rotator.

2.Each hydraulic cylinder is equipped with an independent oil pressure gauge, and there is a comparison table of pressure-convertible load, which is recorded in the manual.

Welding turning roll control function

1.Low voltage (24V) wired (30M)/wireless remote control (100M).

2.Control cable length 30m, and must be provided a set control cable for spare parts.

3.The grounding of the electrical components of the control box must meet the electrical code requirements.

4.Cylinder lifting stroke and walking control.

5.Stop & E-stop button and synchronized function.

6.The remote control must have the above functions.

7.If the wireless remote control is damaged, it can use the wired control to operate.

8.Each hydraulic cylinder can operate independently and with linkage capability

Power cable

1.Voltage 380V/3Ph/60HZ±10%.

2.Cable rack + cable take-up device +

30m flexible cable.

3.European socket


Cable specification

1.Flexible cable.

2.Mobile Rubber Cable 600V 2PNCT (EPRN)

Insulated Neoprene Cabtye Cover

14mm x 4C.

Electronic control part

1.Hydraulic station and power control box need to be protected.

(windproof, dustproof, waterproof)

2.Electronic control box and elements

can be fast disassembled.

3.The electronic control box and

components need to adapt to the

subtropical & island-type climate.

4.Perfect protection circuit

(windproof, dustproof, waterproof).

Electronic components brand Schneider
Connector brand

Wieland 16pin/24pin.

(Explosion-proof )

Transmission & gap protection Windproof, dustproof, waterproof.
Rotator weight and lifting method

1.The weight of the rotator must be clearly marked on the drawing and sprayed on the rotator.

2.The rotator needs to provide and set the ideal lifting position and method and mark it on the drawing

Rotator stabilization and anti-roll device

1.Set holding track device, the design drawings must be provided and recorded in the manual.

2.A stable device in contact with the ground is required at the periphery of the rotator.

3.When the rotator is fully loaded and not moving, the rotator can be stabilized.

Linkage between rotator and welder If necessary, rotator manufacturer should open the roller bed system and cooperate with the welding manufacturer to integrate system.
Protective Need to set up a variety of protection devices, such as ELCB, Electrical fuse, and so on.
Maintenance spares 1.Must be used international label.





  • Wind power fabrication
  • Pipe manufacturing industries
  • Pressure vessels
  • Chemical & fuel storage tank fabrication
  • Any heavy cylindrical job




Competitive Advantage:


  • With lubrication system.
  • VFD rotary speed control, improving the reliability of operation.
  • Steel or PU roller which can ensure a long time using (at least 2 years).
  • Inverter and main electric elements are Siemens/Schneider or equal brand.
  • Accept testing before delivery.
  • Accept special design and custom.




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Points you may concern:


Customization - Can your machine or other products be customized?

Ronniewell: Sure. As a professional manufacturer, we have our own engineer team, who is good at design, develop & build special solution catering for your individual requirement.


Transportation-What about the transportation?

Ronniewell: Seaway is the most common transportation way for oversea trading. Depends on your location, combined transport by rail and sea is also an option. Certainly railway transportation is also acceptable if it is the most suitable approach.


After sale service - What about the after-sale service?

Ronniewell: We provide 12month guaranty period for the whole machine quality. During this time, any issue proved because of the machine flaw itself,we would take the whole responsibility of it. Except of the guaranty period,technical advisory support is available freely covering the whole using life of the machine. Engineer service on user premises is also available for necessary.