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Industry Elbow Welding Positioner Turntable With VFD Speed Control

Industry Elbow Welding Positioner Turntable With VFD Speed Control

  • High Light

    Weld Positioners


    pipe welding positioner

  • Usage
    Handle Job To Work Position
  • Work Mode
    Table Rotate & Overturn
  • Application
    Metal Job Weld & Assemble
  • Speed Control
    Variable Frequency Drive
  • Rated Loading
  • Table Dia.
  • Table T Slot
  • Voltage
    As Per Required
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    Mainframe naked, spare parts packed in case
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    30working days
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    30% TT in advance, 70% TT before the shipment
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Industry Elbow Welding Positioner Turntable With VFD Speed Control

Industry Elbow Welding Positioner Turntable With VFD Speed Control



Brief introduction:

Production capacity is from 100kg until 50ton, including customization service, satisfying special work piece requirement.



Feature of elbow welding positioner:
1. Elbow welding positioner is mainly composed of worktable rotating unit and tilting unit and electric control system .
2. By motorized tilting and rotating, elbow welding positioner could make the work-piece at ideal work  position .
3. Worktable rotation is controlled by step-less frequency conversion to achieve a best welding speed .
4. Using remote control box to realize the remote operation of work table, also can connect with operating machines to realize linkage operation.
5. Set aside interface to realize linkage work with manipulator and hanging automatic welding machine achieve automatic welding center .
6. Application industry including pressure vessel, metallurgy, electrical power, chemical industry, mechanical and metal structure .


Technical parameters:


Rated loading


Rotary speed








Size of 

work table

ZHBJ03 300 0.15~1.5 by mnaual 0~90 600
ZHBJ06 600 0.11~1.1 1.1 0~90 1000
ZHBJ30 3000 0.05~0.5 0.23 0~135 1400
ZHBJ50 5000 0.05~0.5 0.2 0~135 1500
ZHBJ100 10000 0.05~0.5 0.2 0~135 2000


Model Motor power (kW)

Way of 


Max. Eccentric 

distance (mm)

Max. Distance 

of gravity center 


Max. Turning 

diameter (mm)

Rotary Overturning
ZHBJ03 0.18 /




100 150 -
ZHBJ06 0.55 0.75 150 200 1500
ZHBJ30 1.5 2.2 200 300 2100
ZHBJ50 2.2 3 200 300 2500
ZHBJ100 3 4 200 400 3240

Beacause of the offset from center and gravity center ,for the longer and more offset from gravity center workpiece, large model should be chosen. We would be pleasure to make solution for you if needed.



Elbow welding positioner description:

  • Elbow welding positioner is mainly used to place the workpiece in the best position for welding and assembling.
  • It can be used for various automatic or manual welding, butt welding or face welding of pipe, as well as welding of shafts, discs, barrel, etc.
  • The elbow welding positioner series can divide into side tilting type , head to tail rotary type, headstock & tailstock lifting rotary type, headstock & tailstock tilting type, double rotary type positioner.
  • The welding positioner can work with welding column & boom to realize the automatic special purpose welding center.
  • As robot peripherals, it can also work with robot to realize automatic welding .
  • We can design and customize the positioners according the customers workpiece and welding procedure.



Customer factory:

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