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Hydraulic 4.5m/Min Ronniewell 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine

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Hydraulic 4.5m/Min Ronniewell 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine

Hydraulic 4.5m/Min Ronniewell 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine
Hydraulic 4.5m/Min Ronniewell 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine

Large Image :  Hydraulic 4.5m/Min Ronniewell 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Wuxi, China
Brand Name: Ronniewell
Certification: CE, ISO, Certification of original
Model Number: W12HXNC
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: To be confirmed with us
Packaging Details: Mainframe naked, spare parts packed in case
Delivery Time: 30 working days after down payment
Payment Terms: 30% TT in advance, 70% TT before the shipment
Supply Ability: 10 sets per month

Hydraulic 4.5m/Min Ronniewell 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine

Rolling Speed: 4.5m/min Certification: CE|ISO
Metal Processed: Steel Plate|Stainless Steel Power: Hydraulic
Product Name: Bending Machine Raw Material: Sheet Metal|Plate Rolling
High Light:

4.5m/Min 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine


Ronniewell 4 roll bending machine




4.5 m/min 4 Roll Bending Machine For rolling circular, oval Pipe By hydraulic drive




Quick Detail:



This 4 roller plate rolling machine is introduced arc bottom adjustment technology.Upper roller and bottom roller are driving roller.The power will pass planet reducer and the tooth of upper and down roller which will provide torque of rolling plate.Bottom roller may move in vertical so that tighten plate. Two sides of bottom roller is side roller and hydraulic pressure oil cylinder will move in arc. Four rollers will use tunning core rolling bearing. The advantage is Once feeding without the aid of auxiliary device which can finish the pre-bending of two ends of plate,roll cylinder and arc.Also it can check and form the metal plate and the rest straight edge is small. It is better than domestic other quantivalent product. It is characterized by high efficiency, lower energy and easy operation.







1. Up roller device


Up device is composed of motor, planet reducer, up roller bearing seat, up roller, double rows tunning core bearing etc.

Hydraulic motor can provide the requested power of rolling plate. Work pressure is 19.5MPa.

Double rows tunning core bearing use lower speed and heavy loader tunning core rolling bearing.

Material of up roller is 42CrMo.Hardness after rough machining and annealing treatment is HB260~300.

Hydraulic pressure of up roll will brake in balance.

Hydraulic 4.5m/Min Ronniewell 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine 0


2,Bottom roll device


Bottom roll device is composed of hydraulic pressure motor, planet reducer, bearing seat of bottom roller,oil cylinder of bottom roller, down roller, double tuning core bearing etc.

Hydraulic pressure can provide the requested driving power of rolling plate. Work pressure is 19.5MPa.

Oil cylinder of down roller will provide the clamping which can provide the friction for rolling.

Double rows tunning core bearing will use lower speed, tuning core rolling bearing of heavy loader.

Material of down roller is alloy metal 42CrMo.Hardness after rough machining and annealing treatment is HB260~300.


Hydraulic 4.5m/Min Ronniewell 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine 1


3,Side roller device


Side roller device is composed of aide roller, oil cylinder of side roller, bearing seat and tunning core bearing etc.

Side adjustable structure is driven side roller bearing by piston of oil cylinder with arc rising and falling.Match to roll different diameter cylinder.

Material of side roll is 42CrMo,Hardness of annealing treatment is HB260-300.


Hydraulic 4.5m/Min Ronniewell 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine 2


Turnover device is composed of turnover seat, oil cylinder of turnover etc. The piston of turnover oil cylinder will be treated by Chroming. Turnover of turnover device is easy to take out the plate along the roller.



5. Fixation, turnover side machine frame and base plate

Heavy and dependable welding frame will install in the down frame to ensure the precision and dependability. Fixed turnover side machine frame is Q235B steel plate welding parts. Tempering after welding and machining.Two cylinders of down roller will work without pole stomached. Keep uniformity of the system which work pressure and matching shall be fit. The effective area of oil cylinder is big. One place is active sealing and lifting speed shall comply with the process request. It is easy to control the synchro of two oil cylinder. It is easy to repair and strengthen the maintenance.


Hydraulic 4.5m/Min Ronniewell 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine 3


Bottom frame is welded in the whole and machine after relief the stress. The factor of anti-twisting section is high with good strength and rigidity. It is characterized by easy installation, convenient operation,lower request for foundation and coinvent to move.


Hydraulic 4.5m/Min Ronniewell 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine 4Hydraulic 4.5m/Min Ronniewell 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine 5



6,Hydraulic pressure system



General introduction

Hydraulic system is fabricated according to national standard,industry standard and reasonable arrangement. We have considered high efficiency and saving energy, reduce the waste and heat source. The system is separated and connection point will use special sealing glue.Prohibit leakage. It is easy to maintenance.Hydraulic pressure pump is used high pressure oil pump, hydraulic pressure valve is used Yuci Youyan accumulated valve system. Testing pressure is 25MPa without leakage. The arrangement of pipeline is simple, less leakage and easy maintenance. To guarantee oil liquid clean, it is designed oil filter in oil mouth of oil pump. Pressure oil from oil pump can enter into pressure adjustable system.Then through valve lump, via diverting valve to oil cylinder.

Hydraulic pressure system

Hydraulic pressure system is composed of oil pump, valves, flow connection and hydraulic pressure parts etc.

Hydraulic valve is used accumulated valve The arrangement of pipeline is simple and easy to maintenance and commissioning.

The system is composed of three circuit, over pressure protection and pressure adjustable circuit, synchro circuit, speed circuit.

Pressure adjustable circuit will adjust system work pressure by main spillage valve. System work pressure is 19.5MPa.

Synchro circuit is synchronized to down roll, rising and falling of side roll.Adjust throttle valve up and down, Inspect it by movement sensor. Keep the synchro precision in ±0.05mm.

Speed circuit shall control turnover, restore of side machine and adjust throttle speed of circuit of throttle valve.

All protection.

The rising and falling of down roller and side roller has designed pressure limit protection.



7. Electric control system



General introduction

Electric control system is composed of electric control cabinet, operation control table. Controller will install in electric control cabinet.Display with screen digital.It is easy to operate. Main circuit use three phase 380V/50Hz AC power. NC control input circuit will use 24V DC power. Control circuit will use 220V/50Hz AC. Driving and hydraulic pressure pump station of main motor will provide the power.Main electric element will use famous brand in China. Fabricate it according to the national standard and the structure is reasonable with necessary safe and protection measurement.

Control cabinet is designed all control button, indicating light, the programmed touch screen etc. During the rolling. Realize to monitor the work condition and operation control.



All protection



Motor will protect by the relevant breaker with short circuit of current and heat relay with overloaded protection.

Down roller,the rising and falling of side roller shall have the relative limit switch as limit protection.

Turnover and restore of cylinder has designed up and down limit switch for limit protection.

The breaker of general power has shunt button machine. There is the button of emergency stop in operation table and turnover side frame to cut off the power in remote.



All interlocks



After turnover frame is restored, the rising and falling of down roller and side roller,rotation of up and down roller may go on(inspect it by limit switch of turnover frame.

Trouble indication

When main motor is overloaded, trouble indicating light will inform. When PLC is in trouble, indicting light will also form.

Function of numerical screen

The system of numerical screen can monitor the rolling process, numerical transmitting and power off memory. Human-computer interface is obvious in Chinese character.

Function of real monitoring control

Display up and down movement (Yg,Yf),lifting of side roller(X) of oil cylinder in the screen.

Function of human-computer conversation

Realize the editing, revision of work piece technical parameter with LCD screen through system input.

Industry controller PLC can control according to two ends position of up roller. Guarantee the synchro precision. Resolution ratio of movement sensor is 0.05mm.

It has the function of automatic diagnosis.






  • The structure is dependable, coinvent maintenance, up and down movement of bottom roller, rising and falling of side roller with digital display. The operation is coinvent and control accurately.
  • Up and down roller is driving roller. Up roller is fixed and down roller can rise and fall, clamp the steel plate. When When plate is clamped by up and down roller,up and down roll drives relatively. There will be friction between plate and work roller. Make plate move. The rising and falling of side roller will make plate bend.adjust the rising of side roller which can reach the requested arc or radius of curvature of round work pieces.Side roller is driven roller which depend on the friction between roller surface and steel plate.Make it drive.The rising and falling is driven y hydraulic pressure oil cylinder.
  • One end of turnover side machine frame is designed one turnover oil cylinder. After the rolling is finished, balance oil cylinder will work. Turnover oil cylinder will work also. After unload workpiece, turnover oil cylinder will work again and restore turnover side machine frame. One work circle is all finished.






If you do not see anything that matches your requirements please contact us to discuss your needs further.                                                







Economy CNC 

Economy CNC 

The Max. plate width




Work length of roller




Thickness of The Max. plate end


T36*B3900*φmin1600 (σs≤345MPa)


T55*B3900*φmin2400 (σs≤345MPa)


The Max. plate thickness in the center


T40*B3900*φmin1600 (σs≤345 MPa)

T60*B3900*φmin2400 (σs≤345 MPa)

Full loader surplus straight flange length


≤1.5-2 times of plate thickness

≤1.5-2 times of plate thickness

Diameter of upper roller




Diameter of bottom roller




Diameter of side roller




Rolling speed


About 4.5

About 4.5

Power of main motor






Competitive Advantage:



Auxiliary parts of 4-roller plate rolling machine has up and down bracket material device(purchase in another). Up bracket device can replace the crane, marching the operation of rolling plate, improve work efficiency of rolling plate. Down bracket device includes material checking device.It may eliminate stagger during the rolling.Improve the precision of rolling. Pressure lever of side roller add actual pressure of side roller. It can roll small diameter cylinder possibly.Arc 4-roller plate rolling machine can roll 1.1times of cylinder of up roller.But normally 3-roller plate rolling machine can roll 1.5 times of roller diameter .


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