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Beveling Edge Milling Machine

Product Details

Place of Origin: Wuxi, China

Brand Name: Ronniewell

Certification: CE, ISO, Certification of original

Model Number: XBJ

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set

Price: To be confirmed with us

Packaging Details: Mainframe naked, spare parts packed in case

Delivery Time: 30 working days after down payment

Payment Terms: 30% TT in advance, 70% TT before the shipment

Supply Ability: 10 sets per month

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beveling machine


portable edge milling machine

Stable And Reliable
Milling Length:
Product Name:
Edge Milling Machine
Model Number:
Steel Plate
Stable And Reliable
Milling Length:
Product Name:
Edge Milling Machine
Model Number:
Steel Plate
Beveling Edge Milling Machine




XBJ 12M High Speed Edge Milling Machine For Steel Plate Beveling




Quick Detail:



This series edge milling machine is the popular and advanced machine, which instead of the planing machine. It is widely used in the equipment manufacturing, such as pressure , boiler, shipbuilding, electric power, chemical and machinery industries. sheet metal straight edge before welding, machining, bevel and U groove, especially improved product quality for welding automatic welding, improve efficiency, reduce consumption, reduce labor intensity, etc., it’s the advanced processing equipment which instead of the edge planing machine.







Milling head setted on the trolley, and in front of the milling head installed with cross slider and angle adjusting unit. After fixed the plate, the cross slider will adjusting the position between milling head and plate, meanwhile it can adjusting the angle adjusting unit, and the milling head can be adjusted in the range of 0-45°, which can satisfy different bevel requirement. When milling, the milling head revolving in a high speed, and milling the plate through milling cutter. Trolley milling speed adjusting VFD in the range of 0.1-1m/min, moving smoothly. In order to improve the working efficiency, the trolley designed with fast return motor, fast return speed upto 5m/min.







The milling machine can processing different forms of plate , such as sheet metal before welding, machining straight-edge, bevel, X, Y,U groove, etc., for welding with improved product quality and work efficiency, reduce energy consumption, reduce labor intensity, etc., it’s the latest groove advanced processing equipment.







If you do not see anything that matches your requirements please contact us to discuss your needs further.






The angle of milling


The thickness of  being processed steel  plate (mm)


The max depth of milling bevel edge at one time (mm)


traveling speed(m/min)


Returning speed(m/min)


Spindle rev.(rpm)


Hydraulic pressure (Mpa)


The number of the cylinders




The height between the worktable and the ground (mm)


The power of driving motor (kw)


The power of milling motor (kw)


The power of oil pump motor (kw)





Competitive Advantage:



1. The rail of lathe bed use high quality carbon steel, welded together with the machine after milling, and then by machining, which with good Wear-resisting performance, and it’s hard deformation.

2. lathe bed, wall panels, and pressure beam welded by high quality plate, using box-type structure. All welds according to specifications welding, after welding parts need to be annealed to eliminate the welding stress. Lathe bed  rail is 45 # steel forgings, processed high-frequency hardening, hardness HRC45 ~ 50, removable, and the bed fixed with bolts and dowel pin for easy maintenance.

3. The normal elastic deformation of the beam on elastic 8-20mm, cylinder release after the reset is a normal situation.

4. The trolley of the travel box drove by one feeding motor and fast return motor. The travel box install with reduce unit, one extend gear matched on the rail, start the motor it can move the trolley as milling speed. Feeding speed is variable, fast speed can upto 1m/min,travel smooth, with high milling efficiency. The travel also install with fast return motor, fast return speed is 5m/min,A clutch to control work.

5. Cross slider installed on the trolley box , power-operated lifting, warm and wheel reducer, screw driven slide down. Manually adjustable front and rear direction, from top to bottom and front and rear direction of the Vice-regulation are used to guide rail. Cross slider adjusting smooth and reliable, easy operation  

6. Angle adjusting mechanism mounted on the lifting of regulatory agencies on a skateboard, skateboarding down with the lift. The unit mainly by a fan-shaped worm gear and a worm component, manual adjustment. Head connected to the fan worm gear by an transition plate, , the angle adjusting mechanism allows Head 0-45 ° angle with the horizontal adjustment. Meet the needs of groove.

7. Hydraulic control system install inside of the lethe bed, the bottom half of the hydraulic control is the oil box, top half install with hydraulic components, pump station and motor, etc. Hydraulic oil through hight pressure hose to each oil way and cylinder.