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Stainless Steel Pipe Prefabrication Construction CNC Flame Plasma

Stainless Steel Pipe Prefabrication Construction CNC Flame Plasma

  • High Light

    piping prefabrication


    pipe line welding

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    Wuxi, China
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    CE, ISO, Certification of original
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    1 set
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    Mainframe naked, spare parts packed in case
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    30 working days after down payment
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    30% TT in advance, 70% TT before the shipment
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    10 sets per month

Stainless Steel Pipe Prefabrication Construction CNC Flame Plasma


Stainless Steel Pipe Prefabrication Construction CNC Flame Plasma



Quick points:


Adopt 5axis/6axis CNC multi axis linkage chuck type clamping pipe method,Application of flame / plasma on the pipe cutting, beveling, intersecting line processing.

This equipment and instrument design and produce accord to industrial and international electrician standard (IEC).





CNC intersecting line cutting machine, is based on five axis digital control system as standard,only the flame 

cutting to cut more than 45°,Auxiliary axis (P axis) can be chosen when there is less than 65°,called six axis digital 

control system.The multi axis control system to control the whole machine.Six axis respectively:

Y axis:Along the central line of the workpiece rotation.

X axis:The moving body moves along the axial direction around.

A axis:The torch around the surface of the workpiece cutting point axial runout.

B axis:The torch around the surface of the workpiece cutting point radial runout.

Z axis:Cutting torch lifting.

P axis:The torch along the axial direction to move up and down.

 All six axis are control by AC Servo control system ,drove by AC servo motor.They use of industrial computer 

control,it is full digital, high stability and reliability.

All gas road are equipped with electromagnetic valve, regulating valve,The system can also be configured for 

automatic pulse igniter,Can easily realize the intelligent control of cutting process.The oxygen gas delivery to the 

torch through the pipeline,In order to meet the needs of a variety of cutting process,Gas supply system with 

multiple groups of solenoid valve used to control the on-off of various flow.A variety of gas pressure is regulated by 

the regulator,or you can call it Pressure relief valve.


● Main technical parameters

● Cutting diameter:                                    Φ50~Φ630 mm

● Flame cutting wall thickness:                         6~50 mm

● Plasma cutting wall thickness:                        1~16 mm

● The maximum weight:                                   10000 Kg

● Workpiece length:                      6000 mm,Increase support up to 9000mm.

● The ellipticity:                                      ≤2%

● Flame cutting speed:                              100~750 mm/min

● Plasma cutting speed:                             500~3000 mm/min

● The number of control axis:                            6 axis

● The maximum stroke cutting torch lifting:              400 mm

● Cutting oxygen pressure:                             0.784~0.882 MP

● The preheating oxygen pressure:                       0.392 Mpa

● Gas pressure:                                         0.049 Mpa

● Air pressure:                                         0.8 Mpa

● Overall dimensions (length * width * height):      7800×1900×2000 mm

● Machine power:                                    5 kW(not include plasma)





CNC cutting machine is used for various shape-cutting on metal-plate, mainly composed of CNC system,longitudinal &transverse driving system, main frame, longitudinal rail, plasma cutting system and auto-height controller. Of which the CNC system and servo system are international renowned brands. The machine is the ideal plate-cutting equipment for customers thanks to its merits of advanced configuration, superior performance, accurate cutting, good quality and stable working. The user-friendly HMI can improve productivity

and economic profits greatly.

Stainless Steel Pipe Prefabrication Construction CNC Flame Plasma 0



Competitive Advantage:







Gantry frame

     1 set


Frame structure, the whole sand tempering treatment

electrical control system


     1 set


The main components are used the French Schneider

24KG rail

    16 m


High precision grinding machine is machined


     3 sets




US Hypertherm Powermax200 plasma power

 1 set



US Hypertherm PHC

 1 set


Control high precision


US Hypertherm EDGE

 1 set



 Stable performance, strong anti-jamming ability

  drive bearing


     1 set



  Wiring drag chain

     2 sets


High strength wear resistant type

  Servo motor

     3 sets




Fastcam Cutting software (standard edition)

     1 set